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Acupuncture helps me achieve optimal health and balance. I believe the body and mind want to be healthy despite all in life that negates this, like stress, poor diet, or toxic environments. For me, acupuncture facilitates the bodies natural desire to be at its best. I have used acupuncture throughout a recent period of infertility and we are expecting our 1st baby any day now! I’m forever greatful to the women at boise acucoop for their support and care. The aches and pains of pregnancy have been greatly reduced in direct coorelation to obtaining acupuncture, especially the headaches!

-DS, Boise ID


Due to my age and activities, my body get riddled daily. I started treatments after two major surgeries and my doctor prescribed it as part of my healing process. I now, after three years of treatments, wouldn’t miss a week for anything! Gretchen has shown me nothing but compassion, caring, understanding, and unbelievable expertise in what she does. She is not only an incredible person but a dear friend.

-PE, Boise ID


I had been suffering with Plantar fasciitis for most of a year, when Stacey Kelsey offered her Acupuncture and massage services. After one treatment of Acupuncture the Fasciitis was cured. The advice I have been given has changed my life. Thanks, Stacey!!!

-TB, Kuna ID


I have been having acupuncture treatments for several years now and it has helped me tremendously.  I have found that on going treatments have helped with circulation and inflammation.  Sometimes the results have been immediate, like knee pain gone in one treatment, or in the case of my son, a twitching eye stopped in one treatment. I have also experienced instant energy after a treatment if i have been tired, or a sense of calm if i have been stressed. Sometimes we can have strange symptoms and it could be there is a channel in the body that is blocked and one or two treatments could unblock it and the symptom goes away.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has not been able to receive help from other forms of medicine.  The ladies who administer the treatments are kind and compassionate and quickly put you at ease.  A satisfied customer

-CJL, Boise ID


No one wants to talk about erectile dysfunction, but hiding it doesn’t help. Cialis and Levitra weren’t much better, so I consulted my urologist, whose skills I trust completely. But I didn’t like her solutions—stronger pills or implants. Testosterone injections have helped my attitude and ambition, but not my erectile dysfunction. So, I went to Stacey and Gretchen because I wanted to try a more natural approach, and I am pleased to report that my body responded well to acupuncture.  I don’t want to talk about it, either, but I remembered a twenty-something woman that I saw on the news a few years ago. She was struggling with her identity as a woman after having a double mastectomy. She said her breasts were part of who she was. I didn’t completely understand until I finally admitted to myself that sexuality has been an important part of my married life; it is a part of who I am, and life isn’t the same without it. So, after pondering that young woman’s ordeal, I realized that talking—even anonymously—might help someone else deal with his problem.

-J.W., New Plymoth ID


I only received treatments from Gretchen for a short time before her departure from The People’s Clinic, but in those few visits she listen to me with compassion and commended my efforts in taking control of my self care in addition to providing fantastic acupuncture treatments. I can’t wait to receive treatment in the space that she has created. So awesome!

-E.W., Boise ID


Six weeks ago, my 2.2 centimeter kidney stone was smashed by an ultrasound procedure called lithotripsy. Fluid movement through the kidneys was supposed to flush the rubble out, but it didn’t.  After a month, my urologist said she’d have to go in and get the stones if they didn’t come out on their own. I didn’t need any more surgical charges, so I asked if acupuncture could help. I was skeptical but open to something new because I wasn’t doing so well on my own.  After several treatments, my skepticism turned to amazement and relief as the stones started rolling out. I know the acupuncture somehow stimulated my kidneys to purge the sand because I caught stones only following acupuncture treatments. I am happy to say that acupuncture worked for me—and saved me a LOT of money.

-J.F., New Plymoth ID


I have been having acupuncture for years from Gretchen. The environment at Boiseaccucoop is so restorative. I leave completely renewed and refreshed.

-R.C., Boise ID


Changed my life, offers RELIEF from my back pain where no one else has been able to. I’m a lifer…….

-D.G., Boise ID


So happy to find this place!! Helps with headaches and anxiety, affordable, staff is amazing, facility is very comfortable and no it doesn’t hurt!!

-K.J., Boise ID


Oh I can’t express my joy, I have received so much pain relief since January 2015!  love the stress free atmosphere, amazing/friendly staff.  I recommend it every day to someone!

-J.K., Boise ID


Super helpful and kind staff! Very affordable. Come check them out!

-K.H., Boise ID


Most affordable acupuncture out there but also very effective. I would be lost with out them!!

-L.D., Boise ID


They are amazing. Helped with my anxiety and with my blood iron :-) I even have my boyfriend coming. So relaxing and they care… Thank you so much :-)

-J.S., Boise ID


I could barely get to the clinic yesterday. When I woke up this morning the intense pain was gone and the swelling had decreased. I can walk today!!! Thanks Stacey.

-J.F., Boise ID


I enjoyed my visit to Boise Acupuncture Co-op.  I had never experienced this type of clinic before but it worked out perfectly.   I saw Stacey and she was really knowledgeable and made me feel at ease.  I like the concept of making acupuncture  affordable for everyone.  I definitely left as a fan and will continue to visit for ongoing treatments.

-P.T., Boise ID


I saw Gretchen at the Boise Acupuncture Co-op recently.   I was in the middle of crisis and her excellent technique, her kind and gentle approach, along with the calming space of the clinic really saved me. I’m sorry that I was only visiting Boise, as this was absolutely one of the best acupuncture experiences I’ve had.

A.R., Gloucester MA


Amazing customer service I did not have to wait to long for an appointment, or my treatment. The treatment room is calm and quiet, you get to rest for as long as you need which is nice to be able to finally get some sleep if you were in pain and unable to get some. The technician made it painless and personable for each person. Most of all thank you for relieving my sever back pain.





Gretchen and Stacey are very, very good! They pay attention, seem well trained and are clearly caring people. The sliding scale allows me to pay what I can for care that I could not afford otherwise. Thank you for this clinic!



I actually slept over 3 hrs. w/o having to get up to urinate and my pulled calf muscle was much improved. thanks.



Thank You all. I am now working 50 hours a week. When I have an hour I will be in for a treatment. It helped more than any other treatment for my shoulder pain. Cheers,



Thank you so much. What a great experience. I feel better already. Rested and looking forward to my next apt.



Thank you! I’m hooked!



I’m sure this is helping me, however, a benefit that I didn’t even think of is the fact that I am much calmer. Thank you.



It is a really special place designed to truly help people. I am so grateful for them.



Wonderful! I’m so thoroughly relaxed after my BAC appointment…it’s better than a massage! Thanks so much for the personal interaction & the calming peaceful environment.



Everything! I am so 110% impressed with how I was taken care of today! I will be back very soon!



I do not hurt as much in leg. Headache is gone.



I really enjoyed my treatment, the environment, and especially the people who talked with me and treated me!