First time with us?  Here’s how to prepare.


How often should I get Acupuncture?


Our mission is to provide accessible quality healthcare, in a comfortable community setting, and the cost is on a sliding scale of $15-$40 per treatment.


The cost:

$15-$40 per treatment, with an additional $10 fee on your first treatment. You decide what to pay, no income verification needed. Treatments usually last around 1 hour.

Several times a year we offer free treatments, and frequently offer packages or price deals.  The best way to find out about those is to sign up for our newsletter (email us, and follow us in social media.


The setting:

We are a community acupuncture clinic.  Which means, multiple people are receiving acupuncture treatments at the same time, fully dressed, in recliner chairs, and all in one large room.  The treatment room is dimly lit, we have white noise makers, and there is ambient music quietly playing in the back ground.  Fuzzy blankets, cough drops, and ear plugs are offered.  While it is a public/community room everyone is respectful of each others privacy.  You know when people are talking to each other, but you can’t make out what they are saying anyway.  We are part of an international network of community acupuncture clinics; People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture.


What to expect:

After making your appointment and filling out your first visit paperwork you are greeted by our front desk staff. They will lead you through the process, and show you around. You are then invited to make yourself comfortable in the treatment room.  You remove your socks and shoes, roll up your sleeves to your elbows, and your pants up to your knees. The acupuncturist is expecting you and will promptly be there to briefly discuss your concerns. They will check your pulse, insert your needles, ensure you are comfortable, and then leave you to rest.  At BAC you get to stay and rest with the needles in as long as you are comfortable.  Your acupuncturist will check in every 15-20 minutes, and around an hour people usually get a sensation of being done.  That is different for everyone, some don’t experience anything while others may fall asleep, and are awake an hour later feeling alert and ready to go.  At that time you just make eye contact with your acupuncturist and they will remove your needles.  Your acupuncturist will give you a treatment plan and you’re on with your day.  You might feel a bit sleepy or groggy and are welcome to drink a glass of tea or water to help yourself wake up.  After your treatments you want to take it easy, don’t do any heavy lifting or vigorous exercise.  Some light walking or swimming is alright, just be cautious your body will be relaxed and is prone to injury right afterwards.

  • The needlesWe use disposable one time use needles.  If this is your first time receiving acupuncture, don’t fret they really are as small as a human hair.  Please let your acupuncturist know if you are worried or concerned that the needles might hurt and they will ease your mind.  Many of the points you won’t feel, occasionally you will feel a slight pinch that goes away in an instant.  The points may feel a bit achy or throbbing, and that is a normal experience with acupuncture as long as you are comfortable with it.  The treatment is specific to your needs, so the number of needles can vary between 10-30 needles depending on the imbalances.
  • Other tools – On occasion your Acupuncturist might make other suggestions for your treatments, often complimentary or in addition to your acupuncture treatment.  Acupuncture is primarily used in this clinic, the following is rarely necessary to add in but might be used (again at the Acupuncturists discretion): cupping, e-stim (electrical stimulation), moxabustion take home, Chinese herbs & other herbal recommendations, diet & life style recommendations.  We have an extensive referral system and may refer if it will benefit the patient, if the patient hasn’t already tried these other complimentary treatments: Physical Therapy, Massage, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Naturopathic medicine, Medical Doctors & specialists of all different medical avenues.
  • The Practitioners - All Acupuncturists at the BAC have completed national requirements for licensure, and passed the NCCAOM board exams.  They maintain annual continuing educational credits per Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses.   Our Licensed Acupuncturist have obtained Masters degrees in Oriental Medicine requiring over 3000 hours with 1000 of that spent clinically, and  are trained in both Herbology and proper needle handling.  They are highly trained in safe and effective Acupuncture, clocking in an accumulated 16 years of real life treatment experience; while still remaining sensitive and down to Earth…no “Guru’s” here.