“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


As a cooperative, we are striving to put our patients first. This is a non-profit business that will be around long after we are retired so the community can continue to be served. The community acupuncture model allows acupuncturists and staff to earn a living wage, but we don’t do so at the expense of our patients. Everybody wins.

Here are some ways you can help Boise Acupuncture Cooperative:

  • Get regularly scheduled treatments, see Treatment Frequency.  Treating people is the #1 way BAC keeps it’s doors open.  By getting treatments you are helping us help you.  We are a non-profit, but currently we do not receive any grants or funding from any other sources.
  • Donating office supplies: we need everything from heat lamps to soap.

     See our up to date list of needs at Our wish list

  • Talk about us.  Tell your friends and family about BAC, and connect them to us if they have questions.  You are our marketing team.
  • Rate us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, send us your comments and your experience to share with others.
  • Volunteer.  We utilize the skills of those in our community to help the clinic when needed.  From front desk volunteers to flyer distributors to housekeeping.  We are always in need for front desk back up support.  If you have received at least 5 acupuncture treatments at BAC and love what we do, talk to us next time you are in about being on our volunteer support team.
  • We would love to come talk to your work, club, or class about acupuncture.


Thank you,

Team BAC