Fertility Treatments


It’s interesting to watch waves of conditions come in and out at the clinic. One week we had an influx of Pregnant Mommas over their due dates (like 7 in 2 days!), I’m going to blame it on the full moon the night before.  Point is, there are a lot of people looking for help for their fertility related issues.  Every stage in fertility:

  • Female & male
  • Regulating menstrual cycles
  • Conception & assisting with IVF treatments
  • Pregnancy related symptoms of morning sickness, fatigue, pain, swelling, insomnia, stress, anxiety & depression, regulate blood pressure & sugars, and helping correct baby position (breech baby).
  • Labor preparation – helping tissues and joints relax, helping the cervix to efface and dilate.

All of which even Western medicine has acknowledged acupuncture being good for.  Some birthing centers have acupuncturists working side by side as part of the birthing team.

Every person is an individual and may require acupuncture, herbs, and other recommended treatments (yoga, massage or moxibustion for example).  The Licensed acupuncturist will evaluate each person and determine what treatment is right for them.  Read the following blogs to know what to expect and about treatment frequency.

Here are a couple helpful links; one about using acupuncture for depression during pregnancy, and the other are 13 methods to bring on labor naturally.


Soon you’ll be able to click here to read stories from fertility patients we’ve seen at the BAC….stay tuned.


~Team BAC