It’s Party Time! 4-1-14

AcuParty time that is. DaLyn is hosting the first Acupuncture Party offered by the BAC.

This is happening next Monday the 17th, you can schedule an appointment between 4pm-6pm. Just email, or message us on Facebook if you would like to go. Space is limited.

What is an AcuParty?

An AcuParty is a small community setting, in a persons home, office, or studio space. Practically anywhere can be used for the treatment space. Someone “hosts” the party at their space, and they work with us to schedule 5-10 people to all receive acupuncture together.

If you can’t make it Monday the 17th have no fear. You can host your own AcuParty and your acupuncturist will come to you! You just need a minimum of 5 guaranteed people (friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, classmates, that guy you talk to everyday on the bus). And as always, we charge on a sliding scale of $15-$40 per person. All the proceeds go to opening the BAC.

Hope to see you soon, DaLyn,
Gretchen & Stacey