Acupuncture and Balance

This article was published Hedra News January 2016


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the philosophy of Yin and Yang is at the root of this system.  The interactions between Yin (meaning dark) and Yang (meaning bright) explains every living thing in the Universe.  Yin stands for the night, darkness, feminine, interior, cold, and winter.  Yang is daylight, bright, masculine, exterior, warmth, and summer.  While each stands for separate things the two of these inter mix with each other, rarely standing alone as pure yin or pure yang.  Keeping this view in mind we will look at what this means for our health.

Here is a list of the common imbalances we see at BAC.  It’s always best to see a licensed Acupuncturist about your health concerns, since these conditions are complicated and often accompanied by other symptoms.


  • Conditions of yin imbalance-


      • Menopause – Yin is the cooling aspect, think of it like your antifreeze, once you run low, things start to heat up internally.  Causing hot flashes, sweating, and irritability to list a few.  Around middle age some have begun to run low on yin, and the common symptoms of menopause is a way for your body to tell you something is out of whack.
        • Acupuncture and herbs are extremely helpful.  While there are over the counter herbs (black cohosh for example), it’s best to get your herbs from a practitioner who has access to better quality products.  You need to refill your antifreeze and the best way to do that is to fill up with herbs & dark leafy greens, and avoid/limit caffeine, tobacco & alcohol that deplete yin.  It is also important to keep moving, acupuncture tends to do this portion, but you can help it by getting regular daily exercise.  Daily meditation to calm your nerves (a yin activity), and consistent sleep is important.
      • Insomnia – Night time is yin.  When there is an imbalance at night it’s a yin problem.  There are several components to a person’s sleeping problem, they are still a yin imbalance at the root.
        • Similar to menopause, there are basic treatment principles for strengthening a person’s yin.  Increase yin activities (meditation) to decrease stress and quiet the mind.  Refill the cup with herbs and yin nourishing foods, avoiding yin consuming foods.  Exercise or creating some movement to move stagnation (exercise & Acupuncture).


  • Conditions of yang imbalance-


      • High Blood Pressure – The action of blood pressure and energy of the body rising or going up, is a yang action.
        • Typically in this type of yang imbalance we are focusing on rooting the yang and bringing it downward.  Usually we are calming stress, and again using the same yin principles from above, but adding a bit more to drain some yang since this type of imbalance is an excessive one.  Often caused by excess in diet & lifestyle, and a lack of exercise needed to move stagnation and root the body.
      • Infertility – Ovulation, progesterone, and the second half of the menstrual cycle are all considered yang, and are treated by balancing the yang.  Much of male fertility, including testosterone is yang.
        • Fertility is successfully treated with acupuncture and herbs.  It’s a case by case deal and you can expect 1-3 months of regular treatments.  There are specific treatment principles for each individual fertility condition.


  • Too much of a good thing, really is not a good thing-


      • A while back an article was going around about the health benefits of coffee.  One commonly known benefit is that coffee stimulates intestinal cramping and bowel movements.  That’s true it does, this can be helpful for constipation, but the opposing side of that is that coffee is a stimulant and in the TCM world that makes it yang.  So if you already have too much yang in your body, or too little yin (which if your coolant is low adding more heat is going to lead to burning off more coolant and eventually overheating will cause injury of some sort) this will only cause more trouble.


  • Adding your regularly programed acupuncture induced nap into your busy lifestyle-


    • Balancing it all can be exhausting.  Resting while getting some serious self care done during your acupuncture session will give you a well deserved boost.  Start by making an appointment, if you’d like do some research and read the website, and go to your appointment.  After talking with your acupuncturist they will tell you how often you need treatments to reach your intended goal.  Most likely you will need weekly treatments.  The easiest way to schedule appointments is to do it before leaving so you don’t forget to follow up.  Then all you have to do is go to your appointments and it becomes part of your routine.  And if you forgot your schedule at home and are one of the few people left in this world without a smartphone (just kidding, no judgement here) you can make your appointments online from home anytime.

Acupuncture is a complete medicine, with it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  Using it to treat issues that arise during times of change, helping support the immune system, improving quality of life, and bringing balance to your body are all very powerful and successfully treated.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Try acupuncture to discover how it will help you.  You can read more about acupuncture and us at